Meet Madelyne

Hi, I’m Madelyne - your ultimate hype girl and your newest best friend! I’m married to an incredible man and I'm a mama of a spirited little girl and an amazing baby boy. I’m a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur but you can pretty much win me over with any dessert. 

My heart for photography began the moment I picked up my first camera - yes it was a red Nikon Coolpix and I was in middle school - but I couldn't put it down. I made my siblings model for me and I took photos of everything - specifically flowers, I had a strange obsession with photographing flowers. In high school, I watched what seemed like everyone become photographers and for some reason that pushed me away.

When I was applying for colleges I vividly remember my dad telling me to "find my passion" and at that time the only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a mom. I loved photography, but I never thought I could make it as a career photographer. I filled out the application to study photography at the Art Institute of Chicago and never sent it in. Instead, I decided to get a business degree in South Florida - jokes on me, I became a teacher and never used that degree anyways. So here I am, a mom and a photographer - living out my PASSION.

You'll never regret taking the photos

When I tell you I put my heart and soul into every session, I mean it. It's so important to me that you feel beautiful and the photos I take represent the love your family radiates. I want you to cherish these photos for the rest of your life! I can't wait for the opportunity to photograph you!